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Zowie EC1 Gaming Mouse


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Zowie EC1 Gaming Mouse

Features :
1) 1.5 mm lift-off distance. One of the lowest on the market to date. One of the primary features of the ZOWIE EC-series is the lift-off distance.
2) 1,000Hz USB Report Rate – plug and play with 1.000Hz.
Improved mouse wheel. The mouse use an optical encoder instead of the cheaper traditional mechanical system.
3) DPI-adjustment. Adjusting DPI on the fly is not really an innovative feature, but ZOWIE decided to put it on the mouse anyway,
4) Specifications:Frames Per Second: 6,500 Inches Per Second: 40 Dots Per Inch: 500/1.000/2.000 Max.
5) Most optical mice are 125Hz which can be artificially raised to 500 – 1,000Hz through driver installations.
6) Acceleration: 15G 1,000Hz USB report rate Connector: USB
Condition : 8/10
Accessories : Only Mouse
Warranty : Checking
Price : 7000
Contact : 0310-2651484

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