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VertuPro-80 Hyper Speed TKL RGB Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


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VertuPro-80 Hyper Speed TKL RGB Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Features :
1) RGB Backlight Modes: VertuPro-80 Hyper SpeedTen Keyless Mechanical Keyboardinspires your gaming hue effects with 19 preset RGB backlight modes.
2) 100% Anti-Ghosting Keys: All keys can be pressed at the same time to trigger continuous skills; each strike is a step towards victory.
3) 50M Long Lasting Switches: This gaming keyboard has life span of up to 50 million keystrokes. Every key has sharp response which increases life span of the keystrokes.
4) Multi-Device Bluetooth Connectivity: You can connect to 3 devices simultaneously and switch easily between them.
200 mAh Battery Life: Enjoy 12 hours of non-stop game time on a single charge.
5) Dual Mode Connectivity: You can connect both wirelessly via Bluetooth as well as with USB-C cable.
6) Detachable Cable: It makes it super easy for transportation and lets you use the keyboard both wired and wirelessly.
7) 8-way Directional Thumbpad: It allows more natural and improved movement controls.
8 ) USB Passthrough: Connect conveniently and power up your other peripherals or mobile devices.
9) Multicolour LED Lights: Take your gaming revolution to another level with this gamers keyboard that comes with backlit LED lights. You can select any LED light modes from the 6 available modes, including one off mode.
Accessories : Only Keyboard with cable
Condition : 9/10
Demand : 7000
Warranty : Checking
Contact : 0310-2651484

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