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V5 Wired Studio Podcasting Usb Condenser RGB Gaming Microphone (Brand New)


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V5 Wired Studio Podcasting Usb Condenser RGB Gaming Microphone (Brand New)
Features :
1) Capacitive microphone, one-key mute, one-key control of lights, one-key noise reduction, with ear return monitoring (stereo output), more cost-effective and lower price.
2) Suitable for a variety of scenes, computer karaoke, professional recording, game voice, game live broadcast, etc., with high sound quality.
3) Electronic competition preferred microphone, RGB light effect, colorful cool light.
4) USB plug, plug and play, no need to drive, easy to use.
5) Compatible with mobile phones and computers, widely used in major APP platforms. When the computer is connected, it is compatible with /Windows system desktop/notebook computer; When the mobile phone is connected, it is compatible with iOS/Android system Apple/Android mobile phone and used with adapter.
6) The shocking stereo, with its own ear return monitoring jack, real-time monitoring, no delay, can clearly distinguish left and right channels, stereo, and the necessary microphone for black.
7) The noise reduction ability is upgraded again, and each sound source is picked up clearly and accurately. The pure and full sound quality still performs well even in deafening environment.
8 ) Heart-shaped pointing to precise pickup, heart-shaped pointing, is often used in studio recording of human voices, more sensitive to the front of the sound, and from other sounds will be weakened, more accurate capture of human voices.
9) Adjust the angle at will, you can rotate back and forth, left and right to obtain a more ideal angle adjustment.
Condition : 10/10(Brand New)
Accessories : Complete
Price : 5000
Contact : 03102651484

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