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Razer Kitsune All-Button Arcade Controller For PlayStation 5 & PC (Chun-Li Edition)


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Razer Kitsune All-Button Arcade Controller For PlayStation 5 & PC (Chun-Li Edition)
Features :
1) PRECISE QUAD MOVEMENT BUTTON LAYOUT — By replacing a joystick with 4 movement buttons, enjoy clean, crisp play without the input errors of typical fight sticks—from instantly buffering a charge to flawlessly performing complex motions
2) LOW-PROFILE LINEAR OPTICAL SWITCHES — Featuring a shorter actuation height for greater response, the Kitsune’s smooth, lightning-fast switches provide the speed and precision needed to maximize the footsies and whiff punishes
3) SLIM, PORTABLE FORM FACTOR — The arcade controller leverless design can be easily stored in a backpack, while its detachable USB Type C cable removes the need for constant coiling or uncoiling
4) CABLE SECURITY CLASP AND TOURNAMENT LOCK SWITCH — With a built-in lock to fasten the cable and a lock switch that disables non-essential buttons, secure the win in the heat of competition by eliminating accidental inputs and disconnections
5) REMOVABLE ALUMINIUM TOP PLATE — From stunning Razer Customs vinyl wraps to creating a unique look using a downloadable template, simply unscrew the top plate and apply the desired design
6) RAZER CHROMA RGB — With multiple color combinations and a suite of effects, customize the Kitsune’s lighting to match fighting styles using a series of pre-loaded shortcuts
Accessories : Arcade Controller and wire
Condition : 9/10
Demand : 45000
Warranty : Checking
Contact : 0310-2651484

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