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Macally BMKEY Backlit Mechanical Keyboard for Mac (Brown Switches)


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Macally BMKEY Backlit Mechanical Keyboard for Mac (Brown Switches)
Features :
1) (Quality You can Feel): Tactile brown mechanical switches, weighted base for stability, and a beautifully crafted see-through frame provides you with the ultimate mac keyboard experience.
2) (Adjustable Backlighting): Our backlit mac keyboard allows you to see in low light conditions. With 3 brightness levels, it is perfect for graphic designers or video editors.
3) (Crafted Specifically for Mac): This apple mechanical keyboard features a 104-key mac specific layout with 16 convenient shortcut keys for improved productivity.
4) (Tactile, Fast, and Responsive): Every keystroke will reward you with a satisfying and addicting feeling. After using our wired mac keyboard you will not want to type on anything else.
Condition : 9/10 (Needs a little cleaning)
Accessories : Only Keyboard
Warranty : Checking
Price : 5000
Contact : 03102651484

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