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Logitech G400 Gaming Mouse


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Logitech G400 Gaming Mouse
Features :
  1.  A 3600 dpi optical sensor provides precision targeting, pinpoint accuracy and rock-solid performance for when your sights are set on victory.
  2.  In game dpi switching lets you change the mouse’s tracking characteristics to match the situation. Go from pixel-precise targeting (400 dpi) to lightning-fastmanoeuvres (up to 3600 dpi) without ever having to interrupt play.
  3.  Full-speed USB communicates with the PC up to 1000 times per second for instantaneous response and super-smooth movement in games.
  4.  With a consistent response ratio, hand movements translate to the same amount of cursor movement: less than 0.5% compared to over 5% for some other “gaming” sensors. You get consistent tracking at any hand speed.
  5.  Durable construction gives you buttons rated up to 10 million clicks and feet tested to 500 km, so you can play hard for a long time.
Accessories : Only Mouse
Condition : 9/10
Demand : 2000
Warranty : Checking
Contact :0310-2651484

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