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Logitech G304 K/DA Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse


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Logitech G304 K/DA Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Features :
1) Play All Out: G304 K/DA gaming mouse is designed with official League of Legends alt-universe K/DA art for a complete and immersive play experience
2) HERO optical sensor delivers unrivaled gaming performance, accuracy and power efficiency
3) Advanced LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse for super-fast 1 ms response time and faster than wired performance
4) Ultra-long battery life gives you up to 250 hours of continuous gaming on a single AA battery
5) 99 grams lightweight mechanical design and classic shape for maximum maneuverability, durability and comfort
6) Compact, portable design with convenient built-in storage for included USB wireless receiver.
Accessories : Only Mouse with dongle
Condition : 8/10
Demand : 8000
Warranty : Checking
Contact : 0310-2651484

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