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Fnatic Focus 3 Desk Size Soft Cloth Performance Gaming Mouse Mat


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Fnatic Focus 3 Desk Size Soft Cloth Performance Gaming Mouse Mat
Features :
1) Dimensions (Desk Size): 950 x 450 x 4mm
2) NEW FOCUS V3 SURFACE | FOR A SOFT, CONTROLLED GLIDE | Provides a smoother cloth-based surface. The upgraded soft surface gives you more control whilst providing an effortless glide.
3) ANTI-SLIP GRIP | TO STAY STABLE ON YOUR DESK | Solid 4mm thick natural rubber is dense and provides a concrete gaming platform. The backing lets your arm and wrist rest comfortable on the mousepad.
4) MICRO-KNIT STITCH | TO STAY FLAT AND DISTRACTION-FREE | Durable, distraction free stitch of high quality to ensure the surface stays flat. This is FNATIC’s signature micro-knit stitch, a stitch above the competition.
5) ESPORTS-GRADE PERFORMANCE | VALIDATED BY ESPORTS PROFESSIONALS | Designed with our tier-1 esports professionals, the FOCUS 3 features a control surface that allows calculated micro-adjustments for those ultra-precise flicks.
6) WATER-REPELLENT SURFACE | FOR PROTECTION AGAINST SPILLS | Using heat treatment to close the pores on the surface instead of a coating, the mat is designed to be water-repellent and more durable.
Condition : 10/10(Brand New Open Box) Box condition is rough
Accessories : Mousepad with its box
Warranty : Checking
Price : 5000
Contact : 0310-2651484

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