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Fnatic Bolt Wireless Gaming Mouse-Black (Brand New Open Box)


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Fnatic Bolt Wireless Gaming Mouse-Black (Brand New Open Box)
Features :
1) 67g LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN FOR SWIFT FLICKS – Attain consistent performance with a 67g lightweight design with no holes on the top shell. The BOLT WIRELESS is designed to be as light as possible, without any compromise on the feel and integrity of the mouse.
2) ESPORTS-GRADE WIRELESS FOR UNTETHERED GAMING – Armed with esports-grade wireless for no lag, the BOLT WIRELESS features sub-1ms latency, ensuring that every single movement of your mouse is executed in realtime.
3) KAILH GM 8.0 SWITCHES FOR THE MOST SATISFYING CLICKS – Touted as the best mouse switches by mouse enthusiasts, the Kailh GM 8.0 Switches ensure the crisp, satisfying clicks for those sick taps.
4) USB-C CHARGING FOR THE FASTEST CHARGE – UP TO 110 HOURS BATTERY LIFE – The BOLT WIRELESS comes with a universal USB-C charging port for compatibility with most modern devices. Use the provided charging cable with secure latch, or any certified USB-C cable to charge in a pinch.
5) 100% VIRGIN PTFE SKATES FOR THE SMOOTHEST GLIDE – With 100% virgin PTFE mouse feet, the BOLT WIRELESS will ensure the smoothest glide on any mousepad of your choice. The skates come in 0.8mm thickness, and are also designed with ridges to prolong its durability.
6) ON-BOARD MEMORY FOR PORTABLE SETTINGS – Customize your settings while plugged in via the Fnatic OP app and save it to your mouse to make it your own anywhere, anytime.
Accessories : Complete
Condition : 10/10 (Brand New)
Demand : 14000
Warranty : Checking
Contact : 0310-2651484

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