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EPOMAKER AKKO PC75B Plus AirHot Swap RGB 2.4Ghz Wireless/Bluetooth 5.0/Wired Mechanical Keyboard (Brand New)


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EPOMAKER AKKO PC75B Plus AirHot Swap RGB 2.4Ghz Wireless/Bluetooth 5.0/Wired Mechanical Keyboard (Brand New)
Features :
1)【Top Mount 75% Hot-swap Mechanical Keyboard】With the popularity of Knob control mechanical keyboard, Akko’s keyboard that features 75% compact computer keyboard has gained much applause. The 75% compact layout offers both typing comfort and space consciousness. As a response to the community, the V2 and Air versions are designed in top mount, which secures the plate to the top housing of the keyboard, making the keyboard more stable. Thanks to the hot-swappable sockets, it can accommodate a variety of switches, both 3 and 5-pin
2)【Bluetooth 5.0/2.4GHz/Type-C Wired Triple Modes Available】AKKO PC75B Plus 75% mechanical keyboard features multi-mode connections among different devices. No more plug in and out processes. Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz offer fast and stable transmission without latency while included Type-C cable provides solid connection as a backup when the battery is out. It’s compatible with Mac/Win/Android system. It is N-key rollover in all modes, limitless as expected
3)【PBT Keycaps in ASA or OSA Profile】The upgraded Akko PC75B Plus keyboard comes in two version: V2 and AIR. They have the same PCB and mounting type, except that they are with keycaps in different profiles and matching different systems – the AIR version with OSA keycaps is perfectly suitable for MacOS while the V2 version with ASA profile for general operating systems. Both of the ASA and OSA profiles are in sculpted shape and are comfortable for daily typing
4)【PC Plate & Silicon Case Foam】Apart from the PC case, the plate is also made from PC that reduces metal noises and makes the keyboard to sound thocc. To achieve ultimate smooth typing experience, PC75B Plus gaming keyboard is built with one PCB foam and one silicon bottom layer to maximally absorb hollow sound and provide extra stable typing feeling
5)【18 RGB Backlight Effects & Knob Control】RGB backlight is always considered as one of the important elements for mechanical keyboards. Akko PC75B Plus keyboard features SMD LED RGB with 18 preset modes. You can easily switch between different types of effects. The upper right Knob enables easy access to volume control and play/pause
Condition : 10/10 (Brand New)
Accessories : Complete
Warranty : Checking
Price : 35000
Contact : 03102651484

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